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  • Are you interested in helping to keep Lake Wausau Clean? Learn about our new Adopt-A-Shoreline Volunteer Program... or you can contribute with a donation - visit our Volunteers page for additional information.
  • LWA's 7th Annual Fundraiser Event held on Friday, May 17, 2019 was a huge success with over 300 attendees, live music by the Allen Brothers Band, food catered by Nueske's at Gulliver's Landing, and many fantastic raffle and auction items donated by our various sponsors! A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our volunteers (more than 45 volunteers at the fundraiser) and all our sponsors (click HERE to see a list of our sponsors). We couldn't be successful without you!
  • Draw down of the Wisconsin River above the Wausau dam: The Wisconsin Public Service has informed us that the water level on Lake Wausau would not be effected by this draw down, except for directly below the dam gates that are being repaired. This is good news for Lake Wausau users!
  • Click HERE for our 2019 Membership Form - member dues are only $25 annually... become a member today! Or click HERE for our Membership page where you can now pay your member dues with PayPal (a $2.00 service fee applies).

Lake Wausau Management Plan Complete and Officially Adopted!

Since the Lake Wausau Association reorganized in 2011, members of the board and of various committees of the organization have worked dilgently to develop a comprehensive Lake Management Plan (the "Plan"), which involved signficant input from local stakeholders and surrounding communities. The purpose of the Plan is to coordinate efforts to protect, maintain, and enhance environmental and recreational values on Lake Wausau and its surroundings, which aligns directly with the Lake Wausau Association's mission statement. The Plan will also allow Lake Wausau to be eligible for future implementation projects funded with Lake Protection Grants. Please click on the links provided below to download an electronic copy of the complete Plan.

Lake Wausau Evaluation Project - Public Discussions Process for Development of the Lake Management

We are pleased to share that our lake evaluation project is near completion and we are in the process of developing the formal Lake Management Plan (LMP), which will be our roadmap for maintaining, preserving, and improving Lake Wausau and its environment. The LMP is expected to be formalized and adopted by LWA by December 31, 2017. The public is invited to be involved in the development process. Please see our PRESS RELEASE pertaining to the public process for developing the formal Lake Management Plan for Lake Wausau, as well as the Proposed Process for Developing the Lake Management Plan. Dates and details for upcoming public meetings and agenda items/materials can be found at our Calendar of Events. See details below for a recap of the public meetings held.

Recap of Public Discussion on September 27, 2017

The first public discussion was held on Tuesday, September 27th. The discussion topics focused on a review of the aquatic plant surveys, strategies for the prevention and early response steps for aquatic invasive species, and fishery and habitat community and recommendations for improvements. Biologists and resource specialists shared data collected and recommendations, and responded to questions and suggestions. The meeting agenda and presentation materials can be found below for downloading and printing:

Recap of Public Discussion on October 21, 2017

The second public discussion was held on Saturday, October 21st. The discussion topics focused on the hydrodynamic modeling results, watersheds, water quality, and land use. Scientists from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presented strategies for water quality improvements in previously identified areas of Lake Wausau. They also presented alternativess and feasibility for the improvement of fish spawning habitat in the upper end of the lake. General water quality conditions as they relate to land management were also discussed with scientists from UWSP and WDNR. The meeting agenda, materials and recordings of the meetings can be found below for downloading, printing, and viewing:

Recorded Presentations:

If you would like to share any concerns, thoughts, or suggestions for consideration in the development of the LMP, please contact LWA at or Nancy Turyk from UWSP at or 715-346-4155.

For additional information regarding the work that has been done to date on this project, including draft reports of data collected by researchers, please see our Newsletters page.

2019 Membership Renewals

It's time for LWA membership renewals. Membership is open to any individual who enjoys Lake Wausau and wishes to be part of an organization that works to protect, maintain and enhance Lake Wausau. As a member, you'rll be entitled to voting rights on certain Lake Association matters; first hand updates on news, information, and events pertaining to Lake Wausau and its surroundings; opportunities to participate and be involved in one of our community's greatest resources; and inclusion in a network of lake users building stronger bonds within our community.

Renew your membership or join LWA as a new member in 2019 and help us protect, maintain, and enhance Lake Wausau and its beautiful surroundings. Membership dues are a substantial part of our financial support and go toward efforts to improve Lake Wausau. So please help support our efforts to create a healthier lake by becoming a member today.

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We thank you for your continued support in helping us create a healthier Lake Wausau. Membership continues to grow as those in the community realize the value of this incredible resource outside our back doors. Renewing your membership and recruiting new members for continued membership growth is critical to our success! Our past and current member listings are published below.

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Important Lake Resources and Contact Information

The following Companies service lake Wausau for dock removal:

  • DuBay Waters - 715.344.2628
  • Lakeside Dock & Lift Sales in Mincoqua - 715.358.7437
  • Pelican Piers LLC in Pelican Lake - 715.499.0885 or 715.628.0214

Please refer to the following contact information for questions or concerns:

  • To report prohibited/harmful activities, please contact the WDNR hot-line at 1.800.847.9367 (24 hours, 7 days a week)
  • For information related to permits for shoreline restoration projects or lake bed clean up, please contact one of the following:
  • For questions regarding fishery/gaming please contact Alan Niebur at
  • For questions regarding boating/recreation and permitted activities, etc., please call Randy Dunkel, DNR Conservation Warden at 715.393.7473 or e-mail
  • For concerns or questions regarding health issues, please contact a Public Health Nurse by calling the Marathon County Health Department at 715-261-1900
  • For concerns specific to Blastomycosis please click on the following links:

Marathon County Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department is working on implementation of restorations on private shoreland lots through a $100,000 Lake Protection Grant received from the WDNR. Marathon County can cost-share up to 70% for shoreland buffer restorations on private shoreland lots. Please click here for their flyer containing additional information.

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