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BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETINGS: Regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors are held at 6:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month at Gulliver's Landing (or as otherwise noted on our calendar). See the Board of Directors page for minutes of past meetings.

  • Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 will be held at Gulliver's Landing at 6pm
  • Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, December 7 is TBD

Many thanks to Gulliver's Landing, Trail's End Lodge, Wausau Eagle's Club and the Wausau Country Club (private club) for the use of their banquet rooms for our meetings and gatherings. Please visit their websites or Facebook pages to learn more about their establishments, or just stop in and enjoy a friendly and enjoyable dining experience open to the public... or consider becoming a member of the Wausau Country Club.

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Written by Holly on Tuesday November 8, 2022
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