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Media Links to Lake Wausau Drawdown

In light of the pending drawdown, the following statement was made by the Lake Wausau Association Board of Directors:

"The Lake Wausau Association represents all recreational lake users including kayakers, hunters, skiers, fisherman, boaters, and trappers. Based on facts given to Domtar Corporation by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the WI DNR, we feel it is in the best interst of the lake to move forward with the dam repairs on September 12, 2016."

Domtar to Drawdown Lake Wausau on 9/12/16

(See additional notice below for possible movement of drawdown to Summer 2017)

Domtar has released public notice of a drawdown of Lake Wausau to conduct necessary dam repairs. The drawdown is expected to begin September 12, 2016, at a rate of 4 inches per day and will cease at the 5 foot level or on October 1, 2016, whichever occurs first. Domtar will have until November 15, 2016 to make their dam repairs, at which time they will be required to begin refilling the lake at 4 inches per day. Additional details of the drawdown, including prohibited activities during the drawdown, are included in their public notice. Please click here for the public notice, which will be posted at each boat launch area. Please also see our Summer 2016 Newsletter which also addresses the drawdown.

Note many boat landings will be unusable during the drawdown due to anticipated low water levels. Please be sure to plan ahead for boat and dock removal! The following Companies service lake Wausau for dock removal:

  • DuBay Waters - 715.344.2628
  • Lakeside Dock & Lift Sales in Mincoqua - 715.358.7437
  • Pelican Pieers LLC in Pelican Lake - 715.499.0885 or 715.628.0214 (will be working in Wausau weeks prior to the drawdown)

Please refer to the following contact information for questions or concerns:

  • To report prohibited/harmful activities, please contact the WDNR hot-line at 1.800.847.9367 (24 hours, 7 days a week)
  • For information related to permits for shoreline restoration projects or lake bed clean up, please contact one of the following:
  • For information about the drawdown project and dam repairs, as well as the permitting process, please contact Domtar at 715.359.3101
  • For questions regarding fishery/gaming please contact Tom Meronek at
  • For questions regarding boating/recreation and permitted activities, etc., please call Randy Dunkel, DNR Conservation Warden at 715.393.7473 or e-mail
  • For concerns or questions regarding health issues, please contact a Public Health Nurse by calling the Marathon County Health Department at 715-261-1900
  • For concerns specific to Blastomycosis please click on the following links:

The drawdown will be a great opportunity to clean up shorelines and work on shoreland restoration projects. Marathon County and Golden Sands Resource Consevation & Development Council, Inc. are working jointly to assist with implementation of restorations on private shoreland lots through a $100,000 Lake Protection Grant received from the WDNR. Marathon County can cost-share up to 70% for shoreland buffer restorations on private shoreland lots. Please click here for their flyer containing additional information.

Domtar Drawdown May Move to Summer 2017

Public notification was released a few weeks ago that Domtar in Rothschild will be drawing down Lake Wausau in fall 2016 to make repairs on the dam. We spoke with Domtar representatives on August 15th who confirmed that comments were made on the public forum in favor of moving the drawdown to the beginning of summer 2017. Most of these comments were from fall season recreational Lake Wausau users; however, there were overwhelming comments supporting a fall 2016 drawdown posted through August 18, 2016 (which was the due date for public comments on this project). You may read public comments at FERC Online eLibrary (you must type in P-2212-* for the Docket Number and then hit the submit button).

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is currently evaluating the public comments in determining whether a change is necessary to the original timeline for the drawdown. As of September 9, 2016, FERC is still evaluating and responding to the comments and has not provided approval of the permit. It has been communicated they are working as quickly as possible to respond to the comments and to address the permit approval by September 12th. We will post any updates as they are received.

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